One to Watch: Bark River Legion


One to Watch: Bark River Legion

Bark Rivers, like Busses and Chris Reeve Special Edition Sebenzas, tend to accumulate in fabulous collections, shown on Instagram and knife forums on a regular basis. Bark River’s basics–excellent fit and finish, useful blade shapes, great handles, and wonderful convex grinds–make for great knives.

But the steel selection, variants, and nutty handle materials give Bark Rivers, also known as Barkies, a Pokemon, gotta catch ’em all feel. You buy one and then think, “I’d like a blade like this, but a bit smaller or bigger or thinner.” If you have one Barkie and that’s it you are person of truly insane restraint. You might want to consider volunteering to be a spy. No torture could pry information from you.

The classic Bark River knife is usually a Mike Stewart-altered traditional design. There are a few designs from other folks like the JX4 Bush Bat, designed by custom maker Shane Wink. But even these designs fall into the same design groove: traditional blades with a few updated features. The result of this design philosophy is a huge array of very useful knives. But no Bark River until now has really felt like a modern “tactical” fixed blade. The Legion is clearly that.

Designed by Eric Hanson of FOBOS Knives, the Legion looks like no other Bark River-branded blade. There is a strike pommel, grooves on the handle, and a very aggressive looking blade. This is not your father’s Barkie.

Overall, the knife is massive–6.25 inch blade and weighs almost a pound (13.4 ounces). It also comes with a multi-position sheath (allowing for scout style or traditional carry). The knife has rugged geared jimping. In short, its stunning departure from Bark River’s wheelhouse. Yet it still looks amazing–a heavy thick blade with CPM154 and micarta handles make for a formidable tool.

Important Information

What: Bark River Legion
When: Available Now
Where: Bark River Retailers
Price: Around $310 depending on handle materials
Highlights: Massive, tactical design from one of the best production fixed blade makers around.

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