In Denver, Nobody is Turning in Banned Bump Stocks


In Denver, Nobody is Turning in Banned Bump Stocks

After the highly controversial 2017 mass murder in Las Vegas, the city of Denver, Colorado reportedly banned bump stocks and magazines capable of holding 15+ rounds in January, 2018. There was no directive for citizens to turn them over to government forces, but the Denver Police Department did issue a statement about it in February:

If Denver residents are in possession of a bump stock, and would like to turn in their bump stock to the Denver Police Department, they can do so at any Denver Police Station.

Predictably, a month after the ban, none had been handed over, according to an article on Denverite.

I’m glad to see that even in such liberal strongholds, folks aren’t naive enough to hand over their gun goodies even though the ban made it illegal for them to possess or sell these products that they purchased with their own money. Although I don’t own one and don’t know anyone who does.

Government bans never work to change behavior. Why is that so hard for antis to understand? All one needs to do is look at the “war on drugs.”

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