Opinion: What is China Planning?


Opinion: What is China Planning?

China is an economic powerhouse and one of the worlds largest trading partners, if not the worlds largest trading partner. Cutting edge technology companies such as Apple, Cisco, and Google run to China for cheap labor. Because of this, China has access to some of the foremost technology developers in the world.

China holds around $5.7 trillion in American debt.

China continues to build its navy.

Artificial islands are being built in the South China Sea.

Military bases are being built on the artificial islands.

China has the ability to wreck sectors of an economy by dumping cheap products in various markets.

China has the worlds largest standing Army with over 2 million people serving.

Besides all of that, some interesting news has been released about China’s nuclear stockpile.

China steps up pace in new nuclear arms race with US and Russia

Its number of simulated tests has in recent years outpaced that of the United States, which conducts them less than once a month on average.

Between September 2014 and last December, China carried out around 200 laboratory experiments to simulate the extreme physics of a nuclear blast, the China Academy of Engineering Physics reported in a document released by the government earlier this year and reviewed by the South China Morning Post this month.

In comparison, the US carried out only 50 such tests between 2012 and 2017 – or about 10 a year – according to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Let’s see if we can figure this out.

December 2014 – December 2017 = 36 months.

Add three months for September 2014 – November 2014, gives us a total of 39 months.

The reports says there were 200 tests in those 39 months. So let’s divide 200 by 39, which equals 5.128 tests per month.

There are 169 weeks in 39 months.  So this 200 tests further breaks down to 1.18 tests per week.

There are 43 weeks in 10 months.  So 1.18 X 43 = 50.

In contrast, the United States did one test around every ten months. So China is doing around 50 times the nuclear testing of the United States?

The next question is why?  Why is China testing the effects of nuclear devices at the rate of one per week?


If we take all of the combined information, add the nuclear testing, then add the Chinese ghost cities which would allow millions of people to be easily relocated, what is the logical answer?

It would appear China is preparing for nuclear war. Or at the very least they are preparing for some type of conflict.

The next question would be why? Why would China prepare for a conflict? It’s not like their neighbors pose any real threat. China and Russia have been at peace for decades. Japan poses no threat. Europe has their own problems with mass unbridled immigration.

One option is China is preparing for a conflict with the United States, but why?

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