Watch: Gunny and Kirsten Joy Weiss Fire the Swedish M36 Machinegun


Watch: Gunny and Kirsten Joy Weiss Fire the Swedish M36 Machinegun

After a short intro by the more attractive portion of this “beauty and the beast” duo, we get an opening speech from the late great Gunny, R. Lee Ermey.

Now Thor might be a bada– in the heavens, but out here on the battlefield, a freaking hammer just ain’t gonna cut it!

Then the Gunny moves on to tell us about the Swedish M36 (Swedish Kulspruta), which is his very favorite!

It’s kinda fun watching the interaction between Gunny and Kirsten. He does a good job of playing dumb so she can tell him all about this gun and its features, with the occasional gibe such as the crack about taking a leak in the M36’s cooling water reservoir. And along the way, we learn about the gun’s development and deployment in WWII.

When they hit the range, things get more fun, as they both get to send some rounds downrange.


In the end, it’s a real nice homage to the Gunny, and it’s always a pleasure to watch a woman fire a machinegun — as long as she’s not shooting at me!


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