One to Watch: Giant Mouse ACE Biblio


One to Watch: Giant Mouse ACE Biblio

Giant Mouse is an American company that produces designs from Jens Anso and Jesper Voxnaes. Their knives have, until now, been limited runs. They all run premium materials, usually M390 blade steel, and 3D contoured handles. Thus far all of their folders have been flippers. The GM2 is probably their most famous knife and they are excellent blades, albeit quite big, despite running only a 3.3 inch blade. Thick, heavy, and quite tall the GM2 was a wonderful blade, but too big for me to EDC on a regular basis. Toss in the sculpted pocket clip, and it was a beautiful blade that didn’t get as much pocket time as I thought it would.

The recently announced ACE Biblio looks to fix all of those problems. It also happens to be Giant Mouse’s first continuous production run knife. ACE Biblio will sport the same M390 blade steel, but opts for a discrete, Spyderco-style wire clip.

The ACE Biblio is a linerlock instead of a framelock (something I prefer–linerlocks typically have better grip because they have handle material on both sides). The 3D sculpted handles from the limited run knives make their way over to the ACE Biblio, as does the modified sheepsfoot blade shape. The big change, aside from being readily available, is a scale down in size. Its tough to tell without specs, but it looks like the ACE Biblio will be about 10% smaller. This means a blade right at 3 inches.

Giant Mouse has had plenty of design chops since the beginning, unavoidable given their collaborators. They have also made very nicely executed knives. But the ACE Biblio looks like the first of their knives that is an easy-on-the-pocket, classic EDC.

Important Info:

What: Giant Mouse ACE Biblio
Where: Giant Mouse website
When: Soon, no release date yet
Price: TBD
Highlights: Clean design, high utility blade shape, now in a more EDC-friendly package.

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