Southern Black Churches Consider Arming Congregations


Southern Black Churches Consider Arming Congregations

When black church goers consider arming themselves (to quote and paraphrase a line sung by Johnny Cash in the song “Hurt”), society has to ask: “What have we become?” What has society become when people, regardless of race or religion, can not attend religious services without the fear of attack?

As if to bury their head in the sand and pretend racism did not exist before the election of President Trump, various news organizations pretend President Trump is to blame for racial tensions. Let’s be honest: racism existed long before President Trump was ever thought of, much less born.

A piece by Vice details why Black Churches Are Considering Arming Their Congregations.

Given what Roof did, pastors like Adamson can’t afford to not take all potential threats seriously. Talk of guns, for protection, has been at the top of her mind. She knows at least one member of her church has a concealed carry permit and may have a gun strapped to his waist during service.

“But what do you do when that person is absent?” she asked. “This really is a faith walk, a trust walk. We hope it’s not stupid.”

Of course, Vice has to take several jabs at President Trump.

In a previous article we talked about The Hidden Victims of Gun Control. The church goers who want to arm themselves is one reason why we have the Second Amendment. Everyone, regardless of race and religion, should attend religious services in peace. Those who promote gun control would impede the congregations ability to defend themselves. Thus making the congregation the victim a second time.

Not Just Black Churches

While the article from Vice focused on black churches, when a white church arms themselves, hardly anyone mentions it. A search of Vice for “white church arming” did not bring back any specific articles about white church members arming themselves.

When Dylann Roof killed several members of a white church in Texas, main stream media asked whether or not church members should arm themselves. Yet, the question asking if “white” church goers should arm themselves was left unasked.

So many churches are arming themselves, the issue with church security is a hot topic.

If the reader is a member of a church and is concerned about church security, here are some related articles on the topic.


We as a nation have to do more to mend racial tensions. When black church members can not attend religious services without fear, something has gone terribly wrong in society.

Without injecting too much religion into an article about religion, Jesus taught us to love our neighbor. What does it say about our society when someone shoots up a congregation, who are following the teachings of someone who only taught love and peace?

It is a sad day, and an embarrassment to the nation, when a religious establishment to attacked. Thankfully, though, we have the Second Amendment and the ability to protect ourselves.

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Question to the reader, are you concerned about violence being brought into churches and other places of worship?

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