Progressive London Being Overrun by Gangs


Progressive London Being Overrun by Gangs

Imagine a liberal utopia where guns are heavily regulated. The police do not even carry firearms, and have not carried firearms in decades. This is to reflect an ideology of “policing by consent.”

Progressives have taken this liberal utopia to the point where even carrying a pocket knife is banned. People have to show identification to purchase the most basic of kitchen utensils.

Sounds like a wonderful and peaceful utopia, right?

That place is London, England. It may have been a utopia if it were not for the street gangs who are dividing the city into zones and terrorizing the citizens. On top of the theft, the gangs are learning that big money can be made from selling drugs.

Current estimates say London is occupied by an estimated 250 gangs.

From the BBC – London gangs driven by profiting from drugs, report says.

London’s gangs are now more concerned with profiting from the illegal drugs trade than engaging in turf wars with rivals, a study has suggested.

The report also found more women and girls are becoming involved in gang activity, while some groups use social media to gather personal details of police officers.

The university study centres on Waltham Forest in north-east London.

It said there were up to 4,500 people in about 250 gangs in the capital.

Since commissioning the From Postcodes to Profit report by London South Bank University, Waltham Forest Council has pledged extra funds to prevent gang activity in the borough.

It is just a matter of time before gang warfare breaks out along gang borders.

Not Just London

It is easy to point a finger at London when our own cities are wasting away because of gang violence. In the first five months of 2018, around 200 people were killed in Chicago alone.

Maybe Cook County is finally taking gun crime seriously? Between 2006-2013, more than 13,000 gun crime cases were dismissed. Yet, people wonder why Chicago has a murder problem?  For those of you who do not know, Chicago is in Cook County.

Then there are the gun control examples set by Washington D.C. and New Orleans.

Unless someone has been living under a rock, the state of gun control in Chicago should be common knowledge. No matter how many people are killed, progressives seem to take great pride in disarming law abiding citizens. The same goes for Washington D.C., which has fought tooth and nail to prevent citizens from arming themselves.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the laws London puts in place, gangs will continue to import guns and drugs. The leaders are turning a blind eye to a problem that is growing by the day.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes London to allow law abiding citizens to arm themselves, if ever? Chances are the progressives will double down on their agenda.

What laws will be enacted after gun and knife control? It is not like criminals follow laws to start with. So no matter how many laws are passed, crime will continue to rise. At what point will the people of London say, “Enough is enough, we want to carry guns to defend ourselves”?

Or has the concept of self-defense become so foreign that people have no desire to defend themselves?

Look at Chicago for example. Now mater how bad things get, the answer always seems to be more government oversight.

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