ANJRPC Statement on Passage of New Jersey Anti-Gun Legislation


ANJRPC Statement on Passage of New Jersey Anti-Gun Legislation

Well, they went and did it. The New Jersey state legislature passed even more idiotic anti-gun regulation — as we warned against the other day. And although the “civil servants” who opted to inflict it upon the people were ultimately unmoved by outcry from their constituents, they did reportedly acknowledge its existence. In other words, they knew the people opposed it, and they did it anyway. This is what’s called “un-American.”

The most egregious thing that I know of in the new law is a 10-round magazine capacity restriction. Below is a statement from Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs (ANJRPC) regarding the law’s passage in the senate and assembly.

June 7, 2018 — In a fervor to exploit tragedy and advance a longstanding agenda to limit gun rights, a majority of Garden State lawmakers voted today to pass a package of gun bills that target the rights of law-abiding citizens instead of severely punishing criminals and madmen who misuse firearms.

“None of the bills passed today will make anyone safer,” said ANJRPC Executive Director Scott Bach. “Lawmakers have squandered an important opportunity to make our schools safer and prevent those with serious mental health issues from obtaining firearms in the first place.”

“Instead,” continued Bach, “they have enacted a series of measures limiting the ability of citizens to defend themselves, and enabling those hostile to gun rights to abuse legal process to harass gun owners. Law-abiding firearms owners are not the problem, and limiting their rights accomplishes nothing to advance safety.”

Once these bills are signed by the governor, which could come before the weekend, ANJRPC plans on taking the fight to the courts, where we expect unconstitutional laws to be overturned, and lawmakers to be forced to respect the rights of law-abiding citizens.

ANJRPC would like to thank the tens of thousands of gun owners who participated in our grassroots blitz leading up to today’s vote. We received several requests from legislators to “make it stop,” and some gun owners reported that there was an attempt to place a firewall on the legislative server in an effort to block messages in the last 24 hours. Based on the overwhelming volume of calls and emails sent, one thing is certain: lawmakers know with certainty that any effort to limit the gun rights of law-abiding citizens is going to be difficult and painful every step of the way, and they will pick their future battles very carefully.

ANJRPC will be providing detailed analysis of the new laws and their impact on law-abiding gun owners in the coming days and weeks.

Regarding the magazine ban, there is a 180-day implementation period within which to comply, so there is time for you to assess the best course of action to take with respect to your property. That time has the potential to be further extended in anticipated litigation.

Just as in the case of Florida’s latest idiotic knee-jerk anti-gun legislation, we find government officials kowtowing to a minority of loud, misinformed, misguided whiners, rather than listening to the true voice of the people. And I think you will agree that is the antithesis of representative government, which we were all taught in school that we have here in the good ol’ USA.

Wrong again.

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