Texas Student Group Stands up to Parkland Survivors


Texas Student Group Stands up to Parkland Survivors

Before we begin, let’s not assume everyone is familiar with the Parkland survivors. On February 14, 2018, 17 people were killed in a school shooting at Parkland, Florida. Of those 17 people, 14 were students and 3 were staff members. After the Parkland school shooting, some of the students banded together and formed a group named March for Our Lives. With the help of main stream media March for Our Lives started promoting gun control.

The Parkland survivors have mostly been unfettered in their attempts to promote gun control. That is until the group made the mistake of sending a letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

A student group calling themselves March for our Rights is standing up to the Parkland survivors and urging Texas Governor Greg Abbott not to consider gun control legislation.

What the Parkland survivors do not know is that Texas was founded on the exercise of gun rights. The people of Texas know good and well what happens when we lay down our arms.

On March 27, 1836, troops who surrendered to Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and were lined up and shot. This is known as the Goliad Massacre. Anyone found to have survived the shootings were clubbed to death. Despite the attempts to kill the unarmed captives, some survived and made their way to the army of Sam Houston, where they fought against Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna at the battle of San Jacinto.

Then there was The Alamo. Not being content to capture the Alamo, Santa Anna had all of the men slaughtered.

As the Battle of San Jacinto was drawing to a close, the fight turned to hand-to-hand combat. Texans fought with such savagery while yelling “Remember the Alamo” and “Remember Goliad”, members of Santa Anna’s army were screaming “Me No Alamo!”

Texas history teaches us first hand what happens when people lay down their firearms.

Just as volunteers stood up to Santa Anna in 1836, students of the glorious state of Texas are standing up to the Parkland survivors and March for Our Lives.

Parkland Survivors May Have Met Their Match — New Texas Student Group Urges Gov to Protect Gun Rights

A group of pro-gun Texas students is challenging Parkland survivors in their attempt to push gun control after the Santa Fe High School shooting last month.

The group, called March for Our Rights, sent a letter to Gov. Greg Abbott urging him to consider its pro-Second Amendment viewpoint. The letter came in response to another letter sent to Abbott and signed by organizers of the pro-gun control group March for Our Lives.


It is rather disturbing to see young people so willing to give up their rights.  It would appear the education system in Florida has failed to teach students the value of gun ownership.

Where would Florida be if Andrew Jackson had not rounded up gun owners (the militia) and kicked the Spanish out of Florida?  Chances are Florida would still be a part of Spain.

One thing is for sure: Texas parents and teachers have done an outstanding job teaching young Texans the value of gun ownership.  Now, if Florida would follow suit…

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