One to Watch: Prometheus Lights Preon Mk. III


One to Watch: Prometheus Lights Preon Mk. III

Jason Hui literally started his business with a single idea–make bleeding edge flashlights. Over the years, through Kickstarter and other avenues he has expanded his business to include an assortment of everyday carry gear. But the core of his equipment is and always will be his lights. In early 2018 he announced that his company acquired FourSevens brand and all their lights. In many ways this is like a guy building a hot rod in his garage acquiring GM.

The core of FourSevens’ lineup is and always was quite good, but as they went beyond that, things got weird. The Knight and Paladin lights were as avant garde as flashlights get and the market responded accordingly. They made a host of cobranded lights including a massive brass number for Best Made (note that brass and high performance lights aren’t good bedfellows–brass is heavy, looks like a battered ship after a while, and is a bit conspicuous, but then again this is from a company famous for brightly colored painted axe handles). All the while their Quark series just kept trucking along.

Now Jason is bringing his own touch to a line of flashlights that has an evergreen core as good or better than anyone in the light business. The first place he is reworking things is in their most EDC-able light the Preon. One of the first high performance 1xAAA lights, the Preon is the perfect place to start.  You don’t get eye charring highs, but you will get a great light in a small package with a readily available battery.

Jason’s sweeping review of the Preon brings some new things to the table.

First, and most importantly, Jason upgraded the emitter to a Hi CRI emitter. Standard on all of Prometheus’s lights, a Hi CRI emitter will render colors much more accurately–reds look like reds, whites like whites, and so on. This not only gets rid of the disco purples and greens, it makes the light pushed out the front more useful.  No more guessing when you are searching in the medicine cabinet at night, trying to not wake others.

Jason also changed the clip. One of the subtle things that has always made Jason’s stuff stand out, whether it is a pen or a flashlight, is his simple, sturdy, and smart pocket clip. The plain jane look belays impeccable function.

Finally, Jason has brought some panache to the torch. While FourSevens ran the light through a rainbow of anodized colors, Jason is opting for two colors nickel and black in both a brushed and gloss finish. Having used multiple items finished in the Prometheus nickel, I can say with experience that it is awesome. It can either be kept gleaming or allow a patina to emerge, giving your item a bit of character. In particular I am looking forward to the glossy black. It’s not something seen on gear all that often.

In all, I hope this light is the herald of great things to come. Prometheus Lights and FourSevens should be the gear equivalent of peanut butter and jelly.

Important Info:

What: Prometheus Lights Preon Mk. III

When: Released in limited numbers on 6/18/18

Cost: $48 for the initial run


Made: Overseas

Highlights: Hi CRI emitter, classy looks, reasonable price, and best clip in the biz.


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