America Does Not Own Enough Guns


America Does Not Own Enough Guns

According to some articles posted in June of 2018, somewhere around 40-50 percent of the world’s firearms are in the hands of American citizens.

The exact number is almost impossible to determine. Before the Gun Control Act of 1968, gun sales were not tracked. Someone could walk into a store, buy a gun, walk out, and the government had no way to track the sale. Then there are all the guns brought back from Europe and Pacific theater after World War II. Also before the Gun Control Act of 1968, someone could buy a gun through the mail.

Sometime around 1965 or 1966 my dad saved up some money, walked into a store, and bought a gun when he was 17 years old.

Nobody knows how many guns were bought before 1968. The rough estimate is around 350-360 million. Which according to the articles on Yahoo equate to around half of the worlds civilian owned guns.

Americans own 40 percent of world’s firearms: study

United Nations (United States) (AFP) – Americans make up only four percent of the global population but they own 40 percent of the world’s firearms, a new study said Monday.

There are more than one billion firearms in the world but 85 percent of those are in the hands of civilians, with the remainder held by law enforcement and the military, according to the Small Arms Survey.

U.S. is home to about half of the world’s civilian-owned firearms, says report

The U.S. is home to nearly half of the world’s civilian-owned firearms — a total of more than 393 million. That’s enough to arm every single man, woman and child in the U.S. and still have 67 million guns left over, according to the Small Arms Survey.

“The U.S. has a very unique gun culture,” said Aaron Karp, the report’s author and a lecturer at Old Dominion University in Virginia. “When you look at the gun number, what you see is a reflection of larger forces that set us apart from other countries.”

Buy More Guns

Being able to arm every man, woman and child is fine, but is it enough? Even after everyone is armed, there are only 67 million guns left over.

I would recommend everyone have two guns. It is going to take several decades under a Republican- controlled government to achieve those goals.

To speed things up, maybe elect a Democrat? After all, President Obama was one of the best gun sales people in American history.

Why buy more guns?

The more guns in the hands of the people, the more unrealistic confiscation becomes. At the time this article was written, how would the government collect 350-360 million guns?

On top of all of that, what nation would invade the United States with our ability to arm every man, woman and child? We can do this without any help from the government.

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