Building a Homemade Cinder Block Grill


Building a Homemade Cinder Block Grill

After reading a lot of stuff about homemade grills made from cinder blocks, I decided to build one and try it out. The end result was wonderful.

Why build a cinder block grill? They are cheap, can be set up just about anywhere and will last a long time. One of issues with the typical store bought grill, unless it is made out of stainless, the body of the grill will rust out.  With a cinder block grill the only thing that is going to rust is the grill surface.

My wife and I wanted to grill some steaks, but did not want to fire up the smoker. For the readers who do not know, the smoker is made from a 250 gallon propane. The cooking surface is around six feet three inches long, and around 30 inches across. On average the pits at least an hour before it is ready to cook with.

The simple solution, take one of the round trays from the vertical smoker, which measures 24 inches across, and use it in a cinder block grill.

Six cinder blocks were used to raise the grill off the ground. The blocks were stacked so the holes in the blocks were vertical. This way no heat escaped.

Two sets up blocks spaced about 16 – 18 inches from each other running parallel, and another set of blocks at the end to close off one side. The grill was placed on top of the blocks, then a cement pad placed on top of the grill.

A fire was built under the grill using pen oak logs. The fire died down to only coals, and the steaks were put on the grill. There is some about hearing the sizzle of meat being laid on a hot grill. A few minutes later the steaks were taken off the grill, carved up and ate.

The smoke from the oak firewood adds a special taste that neither charcoal or propane can provide.

For someone who has a remote cabin off in the woods, a cinder block grill would probably be ideal.  When the family is ready to leave and go home, take the grill, place it in a shed, or under a porch. This gets it out of the weather and will help it last longer.

If the camp is visited by thieves, chances are they are not looking to steal cinder blocks.

Overall, I found the cinder block grill easy to build, and it cooked the steaks just right. This could be used to cook everything from steaks, to rabbits, to squirrels.

The next step is to get a store bought cooking grill, put it on the cinder block grill, and return the expanded metal to the smoker.

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