Watch: 12 Gauge “Ripper” Carpet Tack Ammo


Watch: 12 Gauge “Ripper” Carpet Tack Ammo

We already took a look at Slinger ‘Cowboy’s Dream’ specialty shotgun shells, which have two lead balls connected by a cable. What about the “Ripper” shells from the same company, which cost plenty and are loaded with an odd mixture of tiny no. 12 birdshot and carpet tacks? Paul Harrell takes a look at them to let folks know exactly what they’re good for.

He begins with a simple patterning comparison at 15 yards. The Ripper shot scored plenty of hits, but the cloud of itsy-bitsy number 12 shot really isn’t that impressive, and in fact it makes 7.5 shot seem humongous by comparison.

And so we go right to the “meat target” to compare actual performance on a sorta-kinda-semi-human-ish target. At 7 yards, the Ripper ammo didn’t do much. As Paul says:

The amount of damage the Ripper ammunition did to this target was just about as close to zero as you can get, without actually being zero.

Heck, even scrawny 7-1/2 shot managed to penetrate clothing, meat, ribs, and ‘lungs’ to do an astounding amount of damage when compared with the Ripper.

So… is the Ripper worthwhile at all? Per Paul:

I think the only thing it’s gonna rip is it’s gonna rip you off.


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