Gun Found in Bag at Daycare


Gun Found in Bag at Daycare

Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever wondered why the United States has such draconian gun laws? Or maybe why rabid gun control proponents can not be reasoned with?

Part of the reason is that gun owners give the gun control zealots ammunition to use against us.

Take this situation for example.

A parent dropped off a bag of linens for their child at a daycare. The bag contained items such as sheets and blankets. The child went to make their cot, found the handgun, then brought the handgun to the adults at the daycare.

The police were called and a report has been filed.

Police respond after gun found in nap bag at Metro East daycare.

Glen Carbon police are investigating after a gun was found in a child’s bag at a local learning center.


When the child went into the bag to begin making their cot, they discovered the gun.

The child brought the gun to the teacher, who immediately called the police to report the incident. Shortly after the call, two officers arrived to take possession of the gun and opened an investigation.

Responsible Gun Ownership

Part of being a gun owner is taking responsibility for the firearms. This means keeping the firearms in a safe location, preferably in a locked box children can not access

A bag dropped off at daycare is not a safe location.

Another part of gun owner responsibility is teaching children not to touch guns. If a child finds a gun, they are supposed to leave the firearm alone and tell an adult.

In this case, not only did a child find a firearm, they picked it up.


There is yet another rule about guns: “Always treat a firearm as if it were loaded.” For the sake of this discussion, we are going to follow that rule.

So we have:

  • Unsecured firearm.
  • Firearm is accessible to children.
  • At least one child handled the firearm.
  • Firearm was loaded – because we always treat firearms as if they are loaded.

What could possibly go wrong? Of course, that is a sarcastic statement. We know exactly what could have gone wrong. How many times have we heard about a child finding a gun and the terrible results there of?

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