The Heckler and Koch HK45 is Serious Business


The Heckler and Koch HK45 is Serious Business

If you like a handgun with some solid feel and heft, you would fall in love with an HK45. By my own description, this HK is the Jane Russell of polymer framed pistols in .45 ACP. Just pick one up and you’ll want to pack it close. It could keep you company at night and safe in bed.

Heckler and Koch of course is the world class gun maker with home base corporate concerns located in Germany. Now they have offices in Virginia and manufacturing facilities in Georgia. They manufacture a whole selection of fine military grade pistols and rifles. Their designs have always been cutting edge, but their precision manufacturing standards are their hallmark of firearms production.

H&K is probably best known around the world for their original line of battle rifles. The models 91HK in .308, and the 93HK in .223/5.56 were legendary service rifles. Their roller block bolt designs were futuristic at the time. These rifles are still in service all over the world, but are basically collector’s items in the US. Today H&K makes a series of AR platform type rifles.

Among their product line of modern semi-auto pistols is their HK45. This is the upgraded and enhanced version of the older USP45 first brought out back in 1995. This new model added change out rear grip panels for personal grip fit, a Picatinny accessory rail up front on the frame, overall improved ergonomics, and better ambidextrous controls.

Pistol specifications include an overall length of 8.03 inches, 4.46 inch barrel, weight of 31.2 ounces, 10-round magazine capacity, a cold hammered polygonal barrel, and the frame is constructed of reinforced polyamide.

What makes the HK45 unique among other things is its grip profile that resembles the very popular 1911. Many shooters find that angle and grip ideal. Pistol controls on both sides of the gun make the pistol easy to operate right or left handed or weak side handling. Polygonal rifling makes for longer barrel life and extreme accuracy potential.

Other features of the HK45 include low profiled 3-dot sights that are drift adjustable. The slide has also been contoured and radiused for easy grasping both front and rear to cycle the slide. The top has anti-glare ribbing to assist with sighting.

All told, the HK45 is a handsome, hefty pistol. Given the carry of ten round magazines of .45 ACP, this pistol will hold up and stand out. Jane Russell would have been flattered.

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