Review: Mountain House Chicken and Dumplings


Review: Mountain House Chicken and Dumplings

How good are the Mountain House Chicken and Dumplings? That is what we set out to determine in this review.

Here in the South there are certain foods which we consider Southern favorites. Granny’s fried chicken is one, and the other is chicken and dumplings. Any small town mom and pop restaurant worth its salt will have chicken and dumplings on the menu.

While walking through a sporting goods store here in Southeast Texas, I spotted a Mountain House freeze dried pouch of chicken and dumplings sitting on a shelf. Why not try it, so the pouch was bought and brought home.  A few weeks later the meal was taken on a fishing trip and ate for lunch.

Instructions say to add 12 ounces of boiling water. The BRS ultralight stove was set up and along with a Toaks 16 ounce pot, and 12 ounces of water was put on to boil. A few minutes later the water was at a rolling boil, at which time the water was carefully poured into the pouch.

As soon as the water hit the freeze dried chicken and dumplings the aroma smelled wonderful.


  • Net weight: 4.66 ounces
  • Servings: 2.
  • Protein: 15 grams
  • Sodium: 900 mg
  • Vitamin A: 15% DV
  • Calcium: 20% DV
  • Vitamin c: 4% DV
  • Iron: 15% DV

DV = Percent Daily Value. which is based on a 2,000 calorie daily intake.

Chicken and Dumplings Taste Test

The pouch was opened and the contents stirred several times. The boiling water can sometimes take up to 20 minutes to cool down enough for the meal to be edible.

Eventually the chicken and dumplings cooled down enough so I could take a bite. The first nibble had a wonderful flavor.

  • Chicken was good sized chunks.
  • Vegetables had good texture and taste.
  • Some of the dumplings tasted like they were not fully reconstituted.
  • Sauce had a wonderful flavor.

A lot of these Mountain House meals taste rather bland, but not the chicken and dumplings. It could have used a touch more black pepper, but that is about it.

Final Thoughts

Will I add the Mountain House Chicken and Dumplings to my preps? Sure I will. This is probably one of the better tasting meals I have ever had from Mountain house. My opinion, this ranks right there with Mountain House Beef Stew, if not better than beef stew.

Mountain House Chicken & Dumplings Review


What was most surprising about the meal was the flavor, and smell. If something does not smell good, chances are people will be turned off of the food. From the second the water hit the freeze dried morsels, there was a pleasant aroma which came out of the bag.

If I were to give the Mountain House Chicken and Dumplings a score, it would be around a 9.8 out of ten. A little more black pepper would have been nice. Even with the lack of pepper, this is still a wonderful meal.




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