Converting the Remington Tac-14 to Shoulder Carry


Converting the Remington Tac-14 to Shoulder Carry

The new Remington Tac-14 870 pump shotgun is a prepper-survivalist dream gun. It is not only an ideal personal protection firearm, but can be just as easily used for gathering small game for the Dutch oven.

The Tac-14 is a unique shotgun in that its dimensions comply with BATF regulations that escape having to register the gun as an NFA firearm with licensing compliance and payment of a $200 stamp. This is a useless provision that gun lobbyists are working to get changed now that Trump is in the White House.

The Tac-14’s barrel is 14 inches, but the overall length is 26.3 inches with a no-choke cylinder bore. It is not equipped with Rem-Chokes, though I wish it were. Magazine capacity for 2 ¾ or 3-inch shotshells is 4+1, meaning one in the chamber, four more up the tube. You could also add a side saddle carrier for extra rounds. Trying to weigh the gun on a bathroom scale came in between four and five pounds empty.

The metal is finished in a black oxide and hardware includes the unique Raptor pistol grip with a Magpul M-Lock forend. The barrel has a brass-like contrast front bead sight set on a raised platform with a flat receiver top for point, aim and shoot.

Operating controls on the Tac-14 are all typical 870 pump gun. The pump slide release as well as the safety button behind the trigger guard are standard 870 configuration.

The Magpul forend has gripping surfaces for a secure hold to engage the pump action of the shotgun. The grip though is a bit slick and could be slicker if wet. I am contemplating adding a wrap or two of two-sided industrial sticky tape to aid in maintaining a solid grasp on this grip.

The other issue is how to carry this shotgun. I cured that by adding a GrovTec Shotgun Side Mount kit. This side mount replaces the factory trigger pin in the receiver to add a receptacle for a push button sling swivel. It is a simple install using the receptacle adapter pin to drive out the factory pin then securing it with a hex head screw on the opposite side. This becomes a single point sling attachment site.

I also added a factory replacement magazine cap with sling stud to accept a standard sling swivel. Then I added a Vero Vellini strap to complete the set up. Now the shotgun can be carried over the shoulder or across the chest. As they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat.

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