Opinion: The Biggest Problem in the Gun World


Opinion: The Biggest Problem in the Gun World

TheFireArmGuy published a video last month, in which he states what he believes is the biggest problem we pro-gunners have, and I agree with him. The problem, you see, is lack of unity.

A united front is the only thing that can protect our rights from being further stripped, but by and large, gun owners utterly fail to present a united front. We meekly accept bans on gun accessories or moronic age restrictions on gun purchases, knowing that it makes nobody safer (and actually puts more people at risk). Pistol enthusiasts need to defend rifles and oppose magazine restrictions, just as AR-lovers need to support other types of firearms. You get the point.

The biggest problem in the gun world is when we pick and choose what areas of 2A we are going to support — and what areas we are not going to support. In my opinion, we need to support all areas of the Second Amendment whether it affects us or not, because if they chip away and chip away and chip away at our rights, we lose ground — and eventually, it’ll hit all of us.

So support every single area, and we will be a stronger and more united front for our overall Second Amendment cause.

He’s right, you know.

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