How to Get Ready for a Shooting Match: Make a Checklist


How to Get Ready for a Shooting Match: Make a Checklist

My next BIG match is next weekend the 21st and 22nd of July, BIG as in almost 600 shooters total. And trust me once you get in there you DO NOT what to have to leave and go to a store to get something you forgot! I learned this from experience sadly, it’s not fun and that great parking place you had because you got there early, yea it’s gone and welcome to the mile walk.

So one day I thought, well you have EXCEL use it for more than numbers and such. And I decided to go through everything I had packed for years and anything I could think of depending on the match and time of year. I created my Match Gear List and it has been a part of me for years now and has saved unnecessary trips to the local gunshop/grocery store etc because I forgot to pack something.



This is my sheet I print out and check off as needed items for whichever match I am shooting in next. Also if it is a one day match, two day, overnight stays, lunch etc, anything you can think of. Now this is the list I use for my pistol matches. I have the same thing but with specific items for 3 –Gun or rifle matches. Anyone that shoots in 3 Gun or AR matches heck even Long Range rifle matches know there is a thousand different things you need to take. Stuff like a complete extra BCG ready to go, drift-pins, Gas block set screws, Gas tube and even an extra trigger.

Each shooting discipline has its own specific needs and so on. But I thought I would write this article because even if you don’t shoot matches you still go to the range to shoot so you could make a copy for yourself as a Range Gear List, we have all got to the range and find out our ear protection is home or even leaving ammo at home! I have done that before myself. Anyhow I thought this may help a few people!

Stay safe and teach someone to shoot!

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