First Ultimate AR Build, Part 2


First Ultimate AR Build, Part 2

Now it’s time for the Timney Trigger, the Timney Calvin Elite to be more specific. Adjustments like crazy, out, in, up down, left right you name it and it will go there! Not to forget the 1.5pound trigger pull with NO pre-travel!

Like all drop in Timney triggers, you can set the two set screws tight once you install the two trigger pins and it locks the pins in the lower. No need to buy the anti-walk pin set-up. The customization you can set this trigger is almost endless. How I did this one is I gripped the handle as I would and just put my trigger finger where it naturally goes and stops in the trigger housing. Then I brought the trigger to my finger!

I did install the Elftmann push safety instead of the normal flip safety for the AR, I LIKE this product btw!

The lower along with all the other parts from BCM and their great lower parts kit, the lower is done! I set it aside and started on the upper. I installed the dust cover and forward assist with no problems what so ever. Also BCM parts that fit perfect I might say! Then I installed the Wilson Combat match grade 20 inch fluted Super Sniper Stainless steel barrel in 223Wylde. Rifle length gas system with the Wilson Combat/SLR Rifleworks Sentry 8 Set Screw Adjustable Gas Block. I went with this system so I can fine tune it to the reloads I will load for this.

Billet Uppers do NOT fit in standard AR upper blocks that great FYI


The reloads will be with Starline brass, Berger Bullets, Hodgdon powders reloaded using LE Wilson’s precision match grade 223 die set and stainless micrometer trimmer. We are going for accuracy and distance with this particular AR.

Once the barrel all that was set and torqued then came the BCM 17 inch hand guard with Keymod system. Ultra light and thin this is the perfect complement to this DR Guns billet set. I love the looks of this rifle and the feel it has. The Elftmann stock on the back works perfect and adds only ounces to the overall weight of the rifle.

Here are more photos, check them out and watch for the last article on this rifle with shooting and testing photos. I really enjoyed this build and looking forward to YEARS of shooting and showing this rifle along with the other 3 builds coming up for years to come!

Thank you for reading this 1st build article and I hope I may have given you a few ideas for your own AR build!

Stay safe and watch for the final results article and then there will be the KE Arms billet set build in 300 Blackout. Then the 3rd build will be a “Complete 100% BCM” 300 blackout pistol build! Then the 4th build and I am working on just what that one will be at this time..

Stay safe and see you out there!

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