Colt’s New Trooper Patriot Carbine


Colt’s New Trooper Patriot Carbine

The name Colt is essentially synonymous with the original AR-15 and or the M-16. This is despite the fact that Armalite actually fabricated the first AR rifles, but their name never really stuck like that of Colt. Of course, now there are literally hundreds of companies churning out clones of the original AR rifle platform designs.

Colt itself continues to manufacture new models of ARs every so often and their latest iteration is their Trooper Patrol Carbine. This new rifle is configured on what Colt now refers to as their M4 platform that was originally built for both military and law enforcement applications. This rifle has long been field tested and tried in some of the most arduous conditions for a rifle to perform for both foreign and domestic use.

The Trooper Patrol Carbine is based on the head of the class Colt AR Model LE6920. Colt calls this rifle the “duty-grade” Colt AR-15 carbine. For us AR users this simply means a basic rifle with few bells and whistles added at the factory, but with the essential features supplied for the consumer to accessorize at will.

These features include a Centurion Arms M-LOK ready free floating fore end, but with a standard full length Picatinny rail on top. This permits the immediate and reliable attachment of endless optic options and/or open sights as well, which many operators opt to add. The M-LOK orientation fore end allows for the strong attachment of a whole host of AR accessories from vertical or angled fore end grips, light or laser attachments, sling carry options, and much more.

The Trooper Patrol Carbine is chambered in the forever popular 5.56×45 NATO round with 16.1 inch barrel length along with a 13-inch M-LOK fore end. The M-LOK slots are oriented on the fore end at the 3-6-9 o’clock locations for full flexibility. The buttstock configuration is a standard M-4 adjustable stock with a standard A2 pistol grip. The rifle comes equipped with a Magpul P-Mag 30-round magazine.

The standard weight barrel comes affixed with the standard type AR birdcage muzzle flash suppressor. The rifle’s finish is a basic flat black matte military/LE type finish to reduce reflection and glare, but also to resist outside elements.

As configured the new Colt Trooper Patrol Carbine is as basic a rail type AR as one will find. It is very cost effective offered at a retail cost of $1049 MSRP. Anyone looking for a base foundation AR that can be highly configured to personal choices, this is the AR rifle to buy. It would be perfect for preppers and survivalists as well.

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