Homemade Survival Kits or Store Bought?


Homemade Survival Kits or Store Bought?

You know how it is these days. People trend toward buying already assembled and packaged goods for the convenience. The theory is that it is just simpler to pick a kit off the shelf that has already been put together for us. Those kits have everything. Or do they? And is the stuff in those pre-packaged kits really needed and what about the quality of those items? This is even more critical when it comes to survival supplies and gear.

For example, instead of putting together a tool kit customized to what is really needed, most just pick a tool “set” already packaged in a cool plastic hard case. But did you really need or use all those metric wrenches and sockets? When you go to get a specific tool out of the store bought kit, is it there? Sometimes it is, often it is not.

So, as preppers and survivalists, it may be much better to customize your own survival kits regardless of the purpose for the kit. Sure, you can buy a first aid kit and it may cover most needs, but it may be short on many items. Perhaps it is better to make a list of needs then shop the supply aisles picking just the items you need. This could be a more targeted approach and likely a cheaper one as well.

Again, take this same approach when buying survival food supplies. You can buy the classic 72-hour survival food box, but what exactly is in it. Are all the breakfasts’ oatmeal, yet nobody in your family eats it? Its wasted money to buy anything that is not liked or used. You need to know item by item what is in a pre-packaged supply box before you buy it. Some may be good and just what you need, but be sure.

Use caution and prudent shopping anytime you consider a pre-packaged set. This is even the case when purchasing a new hunting rifle for double duty as a survival weapon. The base rifle might be a good model, but what about that scope mated to it or even the scope mounts and rings. If the deal is a super good price, then likely one of the components is of lesser quality. You might be better off buying the items separately.

Homemade survival kits made up by you will focus on the items you need and nothing else. You can always add to it later. Get what you want in terms of items, quality and cost.

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