AR Project Builds Rifle Number 2: KE Arms & Wilson Combat


AR Project Builds Rifle Number 2:  KE Arms & Wilson Combat

The KE Arms matched billet set has a great flared magwell on this one and the finish is a shiny black coating that really looks great, like a deep black. The fit is also great, however there is no adjustment screw to tighten the fit between the upper and lower. But in test fitting it seems to be ok, so the finished project will tell.

The barrel, another GREAT barrel from Wilson Combat, it’s their fluted stainless match grade 300Blackout barrel and it is another top notch Wilson product! I don’t care what it is Wilson makes the parts are always top tier across the board.

This also has KE Arms lower parts kit, Wilson Combat BCG NP3 plated and I have two floating forearms to try. One is the KE Arms and one is the new model from ATI. I will end up trying both and I will put the ATI one on first. I also went with the Elftmann push on/off safety, I really like this safety style..! I also have two triggers for this build, Elftmann Match trigger and KE Arms comp trigger. Both will be used and tested.

Here are the links to each product used on this lower.

KE Arms Lower:      

KE Arms Upper:      

KE Arms Lower Parts kit:

KE Arms Rail System:

KE Arms comp Trigger:

Wilson Combat Barrel:

Wilson C’  M/Brake:

Wilson Combat BCG:

Elftmann Trigger:   

Elftmann  Safety:   

ATI Rail System:    

               Here are the photos of the lower build, enjoy!


There are more articles on the first build, DR Guns and Wilson Combat, testing and final results so keep watching for those.

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