Pizza Driver Shoots Assailant After Being Attacked, Stabbed


Pizza Driver Shoots Assailant After Being Attacked, Stabbed

Beaver Falls, PA – A Domino’s pizza delivery man was reportedly able to defend himself when he was attacked after delivering a pizza shortly after midnight. In the end he’d been stabbed, but one of his assailants had been shot dead.

A pizza deliveryman fatally shot a would-be robber after a struggle overnight in Beaver Falls, police said.

Beaver Falls Police Chief John A. DeLuca said the encounter occurred around 12:20 a.m. Friday in the 1500 block of 2nd Avenue. Police were dispatched to the scene for a report of an attempted robbery of a pizza delivery driver.

When they arrived, the driver told police he had delivered a pizza and was returning to his vehicle when a man approached him and attempted to rob him.

“At that time, a struggle ensued and the driver was stabbed,” Chief DeLuca said.

The driver told police he managed to get to his vehicle, where he retrieved his handgun and fired a single round at the attacker.

The wounded attacker fled and was found by police about a block away on a porch, police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The video at this page says that two men had argued with the driver over money and attacked him, and that one man held him down while the other stabbed him!

It was surely a near thing for the victim, who had been brutally attacked. It’s reported that he “had a gash on his head and blood dripping from the back of his shoulder where he had been stabbed.” Thankfully, he “got into his vehicle and grabbed a gun from the glove compartment and fired a single gunshot.”

Hopefully he will begin carrying his firearm on his person from now on.

Dear everyone who says nobody needs a gun: You’re wrong again.

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