Watch: The Truth About Wolf Ammo


Watch: The Truth About Wolf Ammo

This video has been out for a few years, but it’s still worthwhile. Entitled “The Truth About Wolf Ammo,” it sets out to dispel myths or rumors about Wolf ammo and present some real factual information about Wolf ammunition.

Here are some bullet points (see what I did there?) from the presentation.

  • Steel-cased ammo won’t damage your rifle.
  • It’s not lacquer-coated (it’s polymer-coated).
  • Neither coating will build up in your chamber and cause the cases to stick.
  • Shooting steel cases can allow gas blow-by that may cause brass cases to stick if you haven’t cleaned the chamber in between.
  • Wolf ammunition’s bullets have steel jackets under the copper, which makes them unsuitable for indoor ranges.
  • Wolf ammo is not that accurate.
  • Today’s ammo prices are highway robbery.

Of course, the video contains more details and explanations.


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