Watch: Firing Rock Salt From a Shotgun


Watch: Firing Rock Salt From a Shotgun

This video takes me back to my youth, when my elementary school and the local civic center — and many other things in the area — were surrounded by orange groves. There was always discussion among us young rogues about scaling the fence and making a run for freedom! Especially when the oranges were nice and ripe, begging for our hungry sugar-loving mouths to devour them…

Naturally, I never did… and part of the reason was the local legend that grove owners aggressively patrolled their groves with shotguns loaded with rock salt! Exactly what that would do to a boy I never particularly cared to find out, but I always sort of wondered.

Turns out, I was not alone… and in this video, Paul Harrell takes on this legend by actually cramming some rock salt into a muzzleloading scattergun and making it go boom.

The premise is that rock salt won’t cause any serious injury, but it will sting like the dickens — and creating any wound with salt is precisely the same as rubbing salt into a wound.

He starts out with a possibly meaningless comparison, by firing two ounces of number 4 lead shot into one target, and “a handful” of rock salt into another. And, er… turns out, that’s pretty much the entire shooting test.

The results are predictable. Why was I so scared, lo those many years ago?

Probably because I knew that if Dad had found out about me trespassing — and especially stealing — he would have used his trusty leather belt to inflict a lot more temporary pain than all the rock salt in the world. Come to think of it, that might be why I’ve always been a straight arrow…

Anyhow, enjoy the video.

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