DIY ATV Half-Track Made of Old Snow Tires


DIY ATV Half-Track Made of Old Snow Tires

A tracked ATV can be a great asset, especially for getting around in the snow. The problem is, those tracks cost a LOT and can be a real hassle to install. This video shows how one person built a set of half-tracks out of some old snow tires.¬†Installation is simple, and doesn’t require any alteration of the vehicle.

The ingredients:

  • A bit of chain
  • Miscellaneous hardware (bolts, nuts, spacers)
  • Metal hanger strap
  • 4 old snow tires
  • Some square steel tubing of a couple different sizes
  • A trailer hitch coupler
  • Some angle iron
  • A pair of trailer wheel hubs
  • Two pairs of wheels & tires
  • A ratchet strap
  • 1 universal shock absorber with spring
  • 2 pipe clamps
  • Misc steel parts made from flat steel bar stock

He provides measurements and specifics, but these will vary depending on what ATV you’re working with.

He begins work by cutting the sidewalls & treads off of the snow tires. Then they are joined together, two tires per track tread.

Some steel parts are then fabbed up. He gives pretty good explanations of those.

This project relies on your ATV having a rear trailer hitch and a rear rack. Spring tension is exerted downward from the rack via the shock/spring assembly, to keep the track in contact with the ground.

The ratchet strap provides tension on the insides of the tracks.

It seems to go just fine, but how well does it turn? Pretty well, actually. I was pleasantly surprised.


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