One Thing All Hurricanes Have In Common


One Thing All Hurricanes Have In Common

What is the one thing all hurricanes have in common? The reader may say something along the lines of “Rain, wind?” No, we are not looking at the hurricane itself. We are observing how people behave before, during, and after the storm.

While watching news on Hurricane Florence, it seemed like a stuck record player – People did not listen to the warnings, people had to be recused from flood waters, cars and trucks washed off roads by rushing water, and people standing in line looking for food and water.

Maybe it is human nature to ignore something until it is at our door step; or in the case of Hurricane Florence (and other hurricanes), blowing the roof off the house. However, when the roof is gone and the rain is pouring in, it is a little too late to think about preventive measures.

So what is the one thing all hurricanes have in common? People do not listen to the warnings.

How can we take this example and apply it to prepping for a SHTF or doomsday event? People know there is a storm on the way, yet they do not spend the slightest second prepping. They go about their everyday lives ignoring the monster bearing down on them. With this example, how would people act when a new plague arrives?

Random thought: even after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, a lot of people interviewed on the street could not point to New Orleans on a map.

It is just a matter of time before humanity faces another plague. This could be some form of antibiotic resistant disease, or some kind of new viral pathogen. When the topic of disease comes up, a number of people point out advances in medicine and vaccines.

To those people I say, HIV has been with humanity since at least the 1980s. For the past 30+ years, HIV has ravaged portions of humanity, yet we still do not have a vaccine or cure. If HIV was airborne, humanity would probably have been set back centuries, if not eons.

  • If people are unwilling to prep for a hurricane, how can we expect those same people to prep for a plague, or nuclear war?
  • If people refuse to buy food and water before a hurricane, how can we expect them to stockpile seeds, freeze dried food, food in mylar bags, learn for to fish, learn how to garden… etc?

There was once a time when papa and granny grew a large portion of their own food, and granny canned what she could.  They had a milk cow, plow horse, turkeys, guineas, chickens, and fruit trees.   For the most part they lived a semi-self sufficient lifestyle.

Somehow we went from being able to feed ourselves, to ignoring hurricane warnings.  Even since the 1970s we went from duck and cover drills to streaming cat videos on YouTube.

Maybe it is time for the general public to do an about-face on prepping?

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