Victor Titan Rifle Stock for your Ruger 10/22


Victor Titan Rifle Stock for your Ruger 10/22

Victor Stock Company’s Titan 1022 is a newer stock system made for the Ruger 10/22 rifle. And just changing your factory stock out to a Victor Titan stock will increase your accuracy. That is what I have seen and heard. This is the first thing you can do to make your 10/22 build a better shooter. The second thing is a better trigger. With this I had to check it out!

I have a build with a Boyds stock, in a top notch build 10/22 with match barrel, Timney CE trigger, modified bolt and all. To prove what I’ve heard about the Victor Titan claims, I locked the rifle as it was in my rifle Hy-skor bench rifle rest. The rifle locks in place by Velcro, has adjustments and the recoil is handled by two shocks built in. Now for 22LR the shocks don’t matter but the rifle locked in and shot repeatability does.

The rifle shot as great as it ever has, so I measured and logged in the results. While at the range I removed the Boyds stock and changed the stock out to the Victor Titan. Then I locked the rifle in and made sure the scope was right on the center of the next target and hooked the trigger release that takes all human element out of the testing, just as I did for the first stock. I then I fired a group of 5 shots and went down to the target. Impressive!

After all of this my friend got behind the rifle on the bench and bag rest and fired some shots with great results!

I have to say, the claims are in fact true. Just by changing into the Victor Titan the rifle shot better. Also this stock is designed more toward a bench rest style as it fits in the bench bags perfect. Then also is a perfect fit to hold and shoot, add in the three cheek rest risers you can get the perfect fit for you.


The Titan also comes with a molded in aluminum pillar for solid mount, and a metal tang area that has an adjustment screw to really lock the back of your receiver in place. This fits super tight in the rear of the stock and has three dimples on the surface where I like to put my thumb for the shots.

The Titan makes the difference!


The Victor comes with built in quick detach sling mounts on front and back and on both sides, plus it also have the old style swivel mounts. This stock is well thought out and is an easy way to improve your accuracy on your 10/22 build or Ruger rifle upgrade! At this time it comes in black, OD green and FDE for now, I am sure soon they will add more colors.

This Victor Titan is now on my bench rest 22LR that I use monthly! I LOVE this stock, better than any Magpul.

Get your own Victor Company Titan stock here:

Stay safe and introduce someone new to our shooting sports!






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