Surviving an Urban SHTF


Surviving an Urban SHTF

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


During a recent visit to the mega city of Nashville, Tennessee, it occurred to me just how tough it would be to survive a SHTF scenario in such a congested city. Then just imagine a place like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. What a nightmare.

With six to eight lanes of traffic in such places going both directions, it is blind blowing to ponder how difficult a bug out scramble would be trying to escape. I nearly think it impossible to comprehend. Just imagine the impact on basic services like gas stations, convenience stores, and all the other supply outlets needed for survival. This puts a whole new perspective on prepper planning.

Unless the disaster is a nuclear event in which most will die anyway, or a seaside hurricane which mandates an evacuation from the area, then the best bet is either an advanced bug out or a bug in to hold out until conditions normalize again. In the first option, you really have to be on top of current events. If there is any reasonable notice at all that some SHTF event is coming, then you have to be prepared to drop everything and get out of Dodge.

If you get caught in the spin up, then you likely will not have any option but to lock down to wait it out. As far as prepper planning is concerned, then everything you will need for a long haul, maybe a month at the minimum should be acquired, stored, and in a rotation program.
In such cases, you always have to make security concerns a top priority. This means protecting yourself, family, friends, or even neighbors, but especially you and your immediate resident family. That is your primary responsibility. Plan it out, gear it up, and stock up. You’ll need enough arms and ammunition to withstand the long haul and hope you don’t need it.

You’ll need water, at least a gallon per person per day and ideally much more. You can never have too much water. Also you cannot count on any utilities being functional. You may not have water or electricity. You’ll need light, maybe heat depending on the season, a way to cook, and maintain hygiene. Sounds easy on paper, but it is not in reality. It will be the toughest thing you’ve ever done.

Lots of people love living in big cities. Many have no choice. If some kind of major SHTF hits your town, you have to be ready to hold out to survive until organized help comes. Prepare now and be ready. You just never know.

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