Speer’s New Gold Dot Rifle Bullets for Personal Defense


Speer’s New Gold Dot Rifle Bullets for Personal Defense

Reloaders who handload rifle ammo for personal defense will likely rejoice at some new bullets being introduced by Speer. These new projectiles wear the well-respected Gold Dot name, and are said to offer excellent weight retention, accuracy, and “Consistent penetration and expansion through common barriers.”

Here’s what the press release has to say about it:

Law enforcement professionals trust the Gold Dot bullet design with their lives every day. Speer Bullets now offers consumers the same great performance in a new line of personal protection rifle bullets. Speer bullets exclusive manufacturing process bonds a uniform jacket to the core one atom at a time, ensuring proper expansion and nearly 100 percent weight retention. The result is superb accuracy and immediate, threat-stopping performance. Shipments of these new reloading components are being delivered to dealers now.

Features & Benefits

• Personal protection rifle bullets in a variety of popular calibers
• Gold Dot technology virtually eliminates core/jacket separations and produces a very uniform jacket
• Extreme accuracy
• Reliable performance to eliminate any threat
• Consistent penetration and expansion through common barriers
• 100-count packs

Part No. / Description / MSRP

22455GDB / 224 cal. 55-grain Gold Dot 100-count / $23.95
22462GDB / 224 cal. 62-grain Gold Dot 100-count / $23.95
22475GDB / 224 cal. 75-grain Gold Dot 100-count / $23.95
264120GDB / 264 cal. 120-grain Gold Dot 100-count / $29.95
264140GDB / 264 cal. 140-grain Gold Dot 100-count / $36.95
277115GDB / 277 cal. 115-grain Gold Dot 100-count / $29.95
27790GDB / 277 cal. 90-grain Gold Dot 100-count / $33.95
308150BLKGDB / 308 cal. 300 Blackout 150-grain Gold Dot 100-count / $33.95
308150GDB / 308 cal. 150-grain Gold Dot 100-count / $33.95
308168GDB / 308 cal. 168-grain Gold Dot 100-count / $36.95
310123GDB / 310 cal. 123-grain Gold Dot 100-count / $33.95

What sets these bullets apart from hunting bullets? Well, I asked that question. I’m not sure I learned the answer, but I did learn more about these new Gold Dots. Here ya go:

Gold Dot rifle bullets are optimized to ensure expansion out of barrels down to 10″ at a wide variety of velocities out to 200 yards. This kind of performance greatly increases the capabilities of duty rifles and provides an advantage when it matters most. In addition, these bullets boast outstanding feeding in short, very short, and standard-length AR platforms.

Like their handgun counterparts, the Gold Dot rifle bullets are constructed using Gold Dot technology. The process of joining the jacket and core one molecule at a time eliminates the potential for the leading cause of bullet failure—jacket/core separation. It also ensures weight retention through barriers as tough as auto glass.

So if you are a handloader who uses an AR platform for home/personal defense, I’d say you owe it to yourself to check out Gold Dot rifle bullets.

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