Shotguns for Personal Defense: Pump vs Semi-Auto


Shotguns for Personal Defense: Pump vs Semi-Auto

When Paul Harrell decides to compare a pump shotgun with a semi-auto, he just can’t go the traditional route. So although the pump gun he uses is more or less “run-of-the-mill,” the automagic is pure tactical all the way, and looks like an overgrown AR15. It’s a Mossberg 590A1 vs. Rock Island VR60 with detachable magazine. There’s nothing like shooting two guns side by side on an equal footing to see how things really compare.

Rate of fire, when placing rounds on more than one target, is pretty much the same in Paul’s hands… but reloading is, of course, much faster when you can simply dump an empty box mag and replace it with a full one.

Tubular mags are great for topping off during a lull in the action, or for slipping in a slug as the need arises. Box mags, not so much.

He does a side-by-side slug accuracy test, and the results may surprise you.

And as usual, there’s an informative recap to help educate folks.

The verdict? Well… you be the judge.

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