CA Bans Gun Sales to Anyone Younger than 21


CA Bans Gun Sales to Anyone Younger than 21

Among the other bad things California governor Jerry Brown has recently signed into law, we find among them a prohibition on firearm sales to anyone younger than 21. A few exemptions reportedly exist (for police, members of the military, and those with a valid hunting license).

As a lifelong Floridian, I must sadly report that Florida had this same horrible measure implemented even before California did, thanks to that jackass of a governor, Republican Rick Scott… and of course a pathetic state legislature that hurriedly passed a bunch of new gun restrictions earlier this year.

I provided a summary of the new Florida law here, and reported on the hundreds of Floridians already disarmed under the draconian measure here.

In addition to the purchase ban for young people, California will now steal gun ownership rights — for life — from anyone who has been involuntarily admitted to a facility for mental health disorders.

The new laws also require quite a bit of training before they will allow someone to carry a concealed firearm.

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