HOA Objects to Sherman Tank Parked on the Street


HOA Objects to Sherman Tank Parked on the Street

Houston, TX – After a wealthy attorney purchased an M4 Sherman World War II tank for $600,000 and had it restored, he parked it outside his mansion last year — right in a public roadway. And while his neighbors actually liked having it around, busybodies at the HOA sent him a letter demanding that he move it.

The tank in question landed at Normandy on June 10, 1944, helped liberate Paris, and continued all the way to Berlin. Tank owner Tony Buzbee said it took a year for it to make its way to him, and he needed a place to park it. What better location than on the road outside his home?

The HOA’s letter claimed the tank “caused serious concerns” for his neighbors… but the TV news crew couldn’t find a single person who was unhappy about the tank’s presence. At least one person said, “I wish it was permanent.”

Buzbee was in no hurry about moving the tank.

I guess they could ticket it. I guess they could try to tow it. But the truth is, until I decide to move it, it ain’t goin’ anywhere.

In another video about the conclusion of the Houston tank battle, we learn that the tank was indeed moved… after it had been enjoyed by many locals who loved to admire it. Despite the HOA letter and two parking tickets from Houston Police Department, the tank kept calm and carried on… until Buzbee was good and ready.

He printed a “love note” to police and other concerned citizens, noting that a Sherman tank isn’t exactly a “large vehicle” according to city code, and therefore couldn’t be cited as such. He added that he was also planning to move it, “not because you are putting useless tickets on it, but because I want it on my ranch for hunting season.”

He signs off in the perfect way:

God Bless you and call on me if you ever need anything. TB.

Nice. Watch the video below for more details.

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