WW2 MG15 Machinegun Found by Magnet Fishermen


WW2 MG15 Machinegun Found by Magnet Fishermen

Wow! This just might be the greatest treasure trove of previously-undiscovered WW2 small arms ever. This video shows a huge array of military weaponry and equipment including grenades, mines, Mauser rifles, insignia, helmets, etc.

Here’s what they say about the site where they’re doing this “magnet fishing:”

In this video we went back to the the location where German forces surrendered to the allied army. Right at that place lots of equipment and ammo was collected by the allies and dropped in a nearby Pond. Once again we found some fantastic relics! The pond hides a lot of incredible ww2 history, it’s really the holy grail of all ponds!

Some things are German, but some are recognizable as coming from the USA — the entrenching tool (folding shovel), for example.

This video’s finds include detonators, a machinegun bipod, MG42 muzzle brake (they call it a “mount”), old glass bottles, and an MG15 machinegun!

The conditions of these finds is really incredible. The silt in the pond must have prevented much oxygen from attacking the steel — and even the wooden pistol grip.

At the end of the video, they show some nice “after” photos of the MG15, sitting on the bipod they’d found earlier. Cool!

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