Ready Set Bug Out


Ready Set Bug Out

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


As you sit at your desk at work or you’re standing on the assembly line or working to stock the shelves at a retail location, news comes of a severe storm brewing. You stop long enough to check your weather App on your iPhone to see more details on what is coming. It looks bad.

Natural disasters hit somewhere in America nearly every day. Some are storms such as tornadoes or hurricanes that we have seen recently, others are brush or forest fires that can pop up with a bolt of lightning. There have been surprise flash flooding that causes rivers and creeks to rise out of their banks in a matter of hours. That is the nature of SHTF.

The big question is are you ready to bug out at the drop of a hat? Can you gather up your family, bags, and gear in an hour or less and be headed to a safe zone? Do you know how to find out where those safe zones are and how to get there? Are your bug out backs packed right now, ready to throw into the car and go? Have you pre-practiced escape drills before to know the routine?

The first step in this bug out scenario is to have a well-defined plan. On any given day, know where all the members of your family are. Have a line of communication established to contact them for a bug out notice. You may have to run to one school or job site to pick up one person, while mom leaves her job or home to run by football or soccer practice to get a child. Keep your iPhones charged at all times and stay in communication as much as possible.

Once family members are together, meet at a pre-determined bug out site. This may be home or another location. If one member can run by the house to gather the gear, the other can pick up the kids. Whatever works for your family, establish a routine and learn it well ahead of time.

Pick out safe escape destinations ahead of any disaster. Have alternative routes and safe “houses” in several directions, some avoiding interstate highways that will become quickly clogged as were Florida highways recently during Hurricane Irma.

You bug out bag(s) should be complete with supplies for a minimum of three days. Pack required meds, a first aid kit, food, water, flashlights, and some clothes. Some have essential documents packed for a quick exit. Have sufficient self-protection modes available in case things go sideways. Above all, plan, communicate, practice and know what to do.

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