22 Rifle match, a great way to find your limits!


22 Rifle match, a great way to find your limits!

Want to get to know your limits and your 22 rifle? Get into a 22 match then, it will test you! A lot of people think that a 22 is not a rifle that has any real “rifle purpose”. I have had people tell me that a 22 has limited use and is more or less a training rifle for children to get them into real centerfire rifles.

All I can say about that is, “To each his own” I like them and shoot them all the time. I love shooting a 22 that I rebuilt how I wanted it and compete in a match and win. I think 22’s are a great way to enjoy the shooting sport at a more affordable rate. 22 ammo is now back in stores and prices have come down. Now have they come down to past prices, no but they are not as costly as they were 3 or more years ago.

Here are 2 of my Ruger 10-22’s with Keystone stocks

I would suggest that you look around at different clubs around your home and get into any 22 matches you can find. Most of the time the other shooters are very friendly and helpful. I have seen a guy offer his own rifle to a guy who’s rifle was having issues. Also I could not tell you the number of people that offered their ammo to people who had forgotten their ammo or brought the wrong brand, like their cheap ammo just for plinking, not their match ammo. Or their rifle to someone that said they just came to watch to see if it is something they may get into.

22 rifle matches are great fun and the best part, its fun for the younger shooters and people who are recoil and sound sensitive. You can learn a lot from a 22 match. You can get into it cheap if you wish or you can go up in price as much as you want If you really get into the custom rifles and builds.

Another one of my Rugers with Victor stock and Leupold 20 power scope

The possibilities are endless when it comes to 22 rifles, from $65 to over $2,000. But no matter what you spend, you can have fun and make some new friends and if you buy the right brand of rifle you can also enjoy all the upgrades! Any time spent shooting is a good time and a great way to improve your skills and learn just what you can do. 22 matches let you learn this for a fraction of the cost from your centerfire rifles.

Here is a match of 22’s, you can see just how good YOU & YOUR RIFLE need to be!

So do yourself a favor and look around for a match close to you, dust off the 22 and go have some fun!

See you out there!
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