My “Old Gun” the Model GD High Standard .22LR


My “Old Gun” the Model GD High Standard .22LR

I have yet another “Old Gun”, this time a 1950 High Standard competition 22LR match pistol model GD (The rare model)

I LOVE this pistol, I got it from the original owner who got it as a retirement gift in 1951. He never shot it, but his son did a few times in the mid-1960’s.  From the photos, you can see that it has not been shot that much. Sadly, there is no box, he had no idea what happened to it. It was in a pistol soft-sided case in his safe.

From what I can find out the GD model is the rarest as it was only made for 18 months. Jan 1950 to July 1951. The serial number put this around the end on 1950 date, again from what I was able to find out. This thing is dead on accurate and has a factory Dawson adjustable competition rear sight that came on this GD model.

These have a familiar look to them like the German Luger which adds to the accuracy of the pistols. I am not sure why they only made the GD model for only 18 months but I bet the GD models would have gone on to be their biggest seller had they continued to produce them.

I shot this one, I put one box of Eley’s through it at our indoor range. I had to make an up adjustment to the rear sight of about 3 clicks and that was it.  The rest of the box was dead on without any issues whatsoever.

I came home, cleaned it thoroughly and put it away in my safe. I DO have plans on shooting this one more, I may even enter a local bullseye winter match with this. It really shoots that good, I love it. The only problem is I have just the one factory magazine for it. I will look for more and see if I can pick up a couple. I hate having only one mag for any gun.

From Bev Fitchett’s Guns Magazine >>Firearms Identification:

The .22 caliber members of the G series, produced from 1949 to 1951, consisted of the following:

Mod. G-B-A hammerless model with interchangeable barrels, 41/2 and 63/4 inches in length. With the longer barrel, it weighed 36 ounces and was 103/4 inches in length. It had fixed sights and the customary 10-round magazine.

 Mod. GD-This was similar to Mod. GB, in general, but was slightly longer. It had a heavier barrel, bringing the weight up to .41 ounces with the 63/4inch barrel. It was provided with target sights.

Another page I had seen before said the actual GD was only for 18 months, I again do not plan of selling this as it really is too fun to shoot!

Hope to see you out there!
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