These Rubber Coated Magnetic Gun Mounts Are Now 50% Off


These Rubber Coated Magnetic Gun Mounts Are Now 50% Off

For those working in professional environments where personal security is a point of concern, and where permissible according to state law, installing a magnetic gun mount in an easy-access position means a quicker reaction time should the situation call for it. Should these be handy, we’ve stumbled across a deal on Amazon, listing a pair of magnetic mounts for 50% off ($17.84).

Whether under a desk, against a back wall, or just about anywhere else a pair of screws or a 3M adhesive pad can be fastened, these rubber coated magnetic gun mounts provide a secure hiding place for your Glock, Sig, or other chosen weapon (so long as it doesn’t surpass the magnet’s 35 pound holding capacity.  Using the 3M adhesive solution, these magnets can also be fitted in your car’s interior, should this be needed. Should you be less concerned with putting screw holes in dash or kick panels, the self-tapping screw mounting would also do the trick for your car, truck, or SUV. Thanks to their outer coating, you don’t have to worry about your handgun getting scuffed either.

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