Shooting a Can of ‘Great Stuff’ Insulation with a 308


Shooting a Can of ‘Great Stuff’ Insulation with a 308

In this video, we see some unexpected results from a 308 bullet hitting a can of “Great Stuff” spray foam insulation… as fired by female shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss, who can shoot firearms accurately and look good doing it.

She wields the FN SCAR 17 against the can, which was simply placed on the ground an an undisclosed distance.

Check out how the SCAR 17’s front sight wobbles during the slo-mo around the 1:50 mark. Interesting.

The initial reaction of the can at the shot seemed less-than-stellar, but the foam itself expands and cures when exposed to air, as you know if you’ve ever used the stuff. So what seems to be a relatively small amount of product spewing from the can becomes transformed into an oddly beautiful (in an otherwordly way) bunch of foam blobs and bubbles.

This shot was reminiscent of a killing shot on a big game animal, in that it produces an indescribable thrill which soon leads to a lot of work. Kirsten certainly had a lot of foam to clean up afterward!

Enjoy the video.

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