Surefire Warden Direct Attach Version Coming Soon


Surefire Warden Direct Attach Version Coming Soon

It looks like Surefire will release a direct-attach version of the Warden blast diffuser that does not require the use of their costly suppressor-compatible muzzle devices such as the 3-prong flash hider, Warcomp and muzzle brake. This Warden will directly threads onto any AR15 or AR10 with 1/2-28 and 5/8-24 thread pitch barrels. It’s made in stainless steel and finished in black Cerakote. At length of 3.1″, we’re not sure if it can be pinned and welded for guys running 14.5″ barrels.

Do keep in mind that this is not a suppressor, it simply redirects blast forward away from the muzzle. Thus it does not need a tax stamp or extra paperwork to purchase and own.

It’s expected to be officially announced at SHOT Show 2019 in Janurary in Las Vegas. Pricing is yet to be announced however it’s safe to say it will likely cost less than the current Warden retailing for $180.

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