Armed Responses to SHTF Threats


Armed Responses to SHTF Threats

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Are you really prepared to shoot somebody? To kill them? The proposition is certainly a whole lot easier to talk about than to actually do. Really folks, this is super serious stuff and nothing to be shrugged off or joked about. When the worst case scenario SHTF comes along, you may well be confronted with this very decision and it will likely be instantaneous.

In every issue of the NRA’s magazines you can find a column section entitled The Armed Citizen. These are actual reported accounts of common everyday people defending themselves from a variety of life threatening assaults. It may be a home invasion, a store robbery, an assault, rape, carjacking or a host of other real threats. These citizens were ready and prepared as necessary to respond with deadly force to save their own lives. Could you do it?

A friend of mine always jokes about the “black helicopters” coming over his house and that likely one day a team of ANTIFA hooligans is going to knock on his front door to take over his house. He always portrays himself as a Ready Eddie with his AR loaded to the hilt and how he is going to take out the entire bunch of thugs. I just laugh.

Then I remind him of the scene in Open Range when Charlie Waite (Postelwaite) played by Kevin Costner, as the street gunfight initiates, he pops the hired gunslinger Butler in the forehead with one round from his .45 Long Colt Single Action Army. I tell my friend that those hooligans in black garb will likely take him out in the first exchange. Easier said than done.

Regardless, we have to be ready in case our lives are threatened and there is no other way out but to defend ourselves. You have to be ready for this likelihood. How? First, and likely foremost, you have to have a mindset to defend yourself with deadly force. Once you decide that, then you have to gear up and train up for that possible scenario.

At home, a bug out, or in travel, at all times you need immediate access to a firearm(s) that you know how to use and use well. You should take formal training with that weapon(s) and feel 100% confident in their use. Then, when or if the ultimate threat comes your way, you will be as prepared as you can be to defend yourself.

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