Maj Toure of BLACK GUNS MATTER Gives Gun Classes on the Street


Maj Toure of BLACK GUNS MATTER Gives Gun Classes on the Street

Maj Toure, the founder of Black Guns Matter, has never been one to shy away from the public. In fact, he gets out into the streets, literally, to share safe firearm practices and his knowledge with people. He executes on this not only in his community, but around the United States. This previous year of 2018 he held over 50 events throughout the US. Each of these events were unique, but could have included giving away free gun locks, stump speeches dispelling firearm myths, and/or simply explaining safe practices of firearm handling and shooting.

For those who are familiar with the grassroots Black Guns Matter campaign you may already know all of this. If #blackgunsmatter was simply a fun firearm hashtag you have been using, but you did not know its origins, well, this is it. Recently, Maj Toure released a YouTube video which is the epitome of his work. Getting out in public, mixing it up with the everyday man and woman, and sharing knowledge about firearms with those who may never have the resources to learn about it in a safe manner. Check out this No Classroom Required firearm tutorial on the streets of North Philadelphia below.

The Black Guns Matter movement is all about providing people with the means to protect themselves with tools, like firearms, but more importantly knowledge. Maj Toure continually challenges his followers on social media and whoever he meets to arrive at solutions through gathering knowledge. This can be as simple as educating yourself further on firearms as best you can or questioning the news that the media (Most Effective Devil In America) attempts to spoon feed all of us. For these reasons, the followers of Black Guns Matter have affectionately become known as “Solutionarys.” Solutionary might not be a word you catch in Webster’s, but in Urban Dictionary it is “someone who finds revolutionary answers to life problems.”

So what will be new for 2019 with the Black Guns Matter movement?… Well, for starters Maj will be attending SHOT Show in Las Vegas the 3rd week of January and be speaking at SHOT Show University sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). His specific date, time, and room is not assigned yet, but be sure to watch for that announcement on the SHOT Show website. Tentatively, he will be speaking on Wednesday the 23rd, but that is not written in stone yet.

Also, to keep the movement marching forward Black Guns Matter has their GoFundMe page. If you feel so inclined, visit their page and contribute if you can. Aside from that, Maj has received support from the NSSF with literature he can share and gun locks to give away for free. Also, he has aligned himself with Bersa firearms. Bersa, being such an economical yet reliable firearm company, makes great sense to introduce new shooters to. Their mantra of #beginwithbersa embodies that sentiment.

black guns matter
Bersa Firearms’ newest tagline of #BeginWithBersa [Photo Credit: Bersa Facebook/Instagram]

But what’s the BIGGEST secret Maj is hiding under his hat for 2019?!… His very own firearm from Head Down Arms! I had the opportunity to speak with Maj over the phone even with his busy schedule and he is stoked for this firearm to come out. He could not lay out specifics, but I pressed him further anyways. He said that all he could comment right now is it is going to be a black gun (I could hear a devil-ish smile radiate through the phone) which is too fitting if Black Guns Matter were to ever have their own firearm.

So what do you think? Have you heard of Black Guns Matter? Or is this your first time hearing about them? Do you think you could be a Solutionary? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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