Turning in Homemade Pipe Guns for $300 Cash


Turning in Homemade Pipe Guns for $300 Cash

In yet another example of wasted money in pursuit of disarming Americans, we have a video from “Royal Nonesuch,” a guy who builds iffy homemade guns and shoots them on video for all to see. In this case, he shows us three of “his crappiest guns,” which he takes to a gun buy (I refuse to call them “buybacks”), where he exchanges them for $300 cash in a shady-looking parking lot deal.

By the time we see some video being shot at the actual gun buy, a dude in a car is shelling out hundred-dollar bills to folks who approach his vehicle after apparently handing over their guns to someone in a different vehicle. After he doles out the cash, he hurriedly tells the recipients to go away.


Thankfully, this particular gun buy wasn’t sponsored by the government, and at least Royal Nonesuch said his $300 will be invested in more firearms.

And the video is entertaining… check it out.

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