Futuristic DX-12 ‘Punisher’ Shotgun


Futuristic DX-12 ‘Punisher’ Shotgun

Maxim recently published a piece on a “concept gun” dubbed the DX-12. It’s more or less a weird-looking — and very short — side-by-side 12 gauge shotgun from a company calling itself HARDWAR3 INDUSTRIES.

Together with its “Moth3r” site, it’s the brainchild of a Croatian designer Ivan Santic who calls himself a “Digital Media graduate, a digital creative business school with a consultancy side specializing in real-world industry training using digital technology.”

The MOTH3R site seems to be simply a showcase for some of his concept designs.

This theoretical shotgun is called “The Punisher,” a moniker which may apply to whoever fires the gun as well as the target! You can bet that a shotgun this small would have massive recoil.

(Image: © 2019 MOTH3R ® All Rights Reserved)

Aside from the short length and probably a very light weight, this may be the least-ergonomic shotgun designed so far this century.

(Image: © 2019 MOTH3R ® All Rights Reserved)

I’m not interested in this thing, unless it proves to kick butt in a Doom-style video game. Remember the sawed-off SXS from Doom? Now THERE was a shotgun.

What do you think? Worthwhile design, or cool-looking concept junk?

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