Magnum Research’s BIGGEST Handgun Round Yet!


Magnum Research’s BIGGEST Handgun Round Yet!

Magnum Research is known for many things within the world of firearms. They have brought us the booming Desert Eagles which thunderously clap at the range, and hit our wallets equally hard. They also have given us some of the most gigantic revolvers thought possible, with caliber offerings like 500 S&W and 45-70 Gov’t which is traditionally reserved for rifles. Well, their newest BFR (Biggest, Finest Revolver) pushes the envelope once again by being chambered in 500 Linebaugh!

Most people believe 500 S&W to be the largest true handgun cartridge, but it is actually the little-known 500 Linebaugh which has the edge. Magnum Research goes on to further explain this and elaborate more on their now-biggest BFR ever produced in a handgun cartridge:

(Pillager, MN) – Magnum Research, Inc, maker of the world renowned Desert Eagle pistol and leader in innovative firearms design and manufacturing, is proud to introduce the 500 Linebaugh BFR.

Magnum Research is pleased to bring another quality option to big bore revolver fans. The 500 Linebaugh was created in 1986 by John Linebaugh and is the largest production handgun [cartridge]. What better pairing for Magnum Research’s ‘Biggest Finest Revolver’ than the biggest handgun caliber? While a few companies offer the 500 Linebaugh as a full custom piece, Magnum Research is the only one to offer this caliber in a production revolver. The 500 Linebaugh has a bullet diameter of .510″ as compared to only .500″ for other .50-caliber rounds, excluding the 50 BMG.

For those who have taken a particular liking to the 500 Linebaugh, Magnum Research’s new revolvers should be pretty exciting! Not only for the quality that these sidearms exude, but also because they are a catalog firearm that in time will be commonly available, rather than a custom-order firearm. To start, Magnum Research is producing 4 variants in 500 Linebaugh:

  • Standard Model | 7.5″ Barrel | MSRP $1,399
  • Standard Model | 5.5″ Barrel | MSRP $1,399
  • Standard Model w/ Bisley Grips | 7.5″ Barrel | MSRP $1,482
  • Standard Model w/ Bisley Grips | 5.5″ Barrel | MSRP $1,482

For any of our readers out there, have you tried hunting in the past with one of Magnum Research’s BFR sidearms? Would you entertain taking a 500 Linebaugh out in the woods with you? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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