Mixing and Matching Survival Gear Purchases


Mixing and Matching Survival Gear Purchases

Whomever is reading this article, pause for a second and think about the last time you bought survival gear.  This could have been anything – seeds, knives, propane, water filter… etc.  When the purchase was made, was it for a single item, or did you buy more than one item, and more than one category?

How many people go to a local big box outlet store and buy one item, such as a box of 22 long rifle?  While right around the corner there is fishing gear, seeds in the garden center, and books.  Even hardware stores such as Lowes have seeds in their garden center and a book shelf

For the sake of discussion and example let’s take my purchase on January 21, 2019.

  • The Middle Ages: Everyday Life in Medieval Europe by Singman, Jeffrey L.
  • The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2019 – hardcover.
  • Cold Steel Peace Maker III fixed blade knife.

What do those three items cover?


How do we prep for the future?  Does not matter if it a new disease, regional conflicts that expand, or charismatic leader who rallies the people with the intent of waging war.  We look to the past as history has a way of repeating itself.

By studying history, even recent history of hardships people endured during the Great Depression, we can learn; then apply those lessons to our prepping plans.

On a personal note my favorite era to study is the Middle Ages. If a complete collapse of history were to ever happen, I feel studying life in the Middle Ages would help prepare us for a worst case situation.

Even if a complete collapse did not happen, what hardships did people face during the Black Death? For example, people living in the cities fled to the countryside, which brought the disease to otherwise isolated locations.


For those of you who visit AllOutdoor, or my blog, or the forum know I religiously preach learning to garden and stockpiling seeds.

Home grown snap beans

Stockpiling canned foods, dried food in mylar bags, and freeze dried food will only carry someone for so long.  When the last of the freeze dried food runs out what are you doing to do?  Maybe bury the empty can and hope a freeze dried tree grows?  Who knows, maybe an empty can of beef stew will grow a bush that will grow freeze dried pouches of beef stew?  Somehow I doubt it.

Learning to garden and stockpiling seeds on the other hand enables someone to not only grow fresh food, but to save the seeds for next years garden.

Hiking, Camping, and Hunting Knife

The Cold Steel Peace Maker III is to expand my collection of knives with around a four inch blade.  Why four inches?  They are handy enough to use while camping or hiking, and not so large to fatigue the wrist while skinning deer sized game.

Camping gear

The goal is to outfit every backpack with a good quality knife, and also have a few as handout knives.

For example, a few weeks ago my nephew made a trip to the farm and we spent a night rabbit hunting.  If he needed a knife, then I have spares to hand out.  These are not cheap corner store pocket knives, but good fixed blade knives.

Final Thoughts

Next time the reader is on Amazon and about to place an order, consider adding a small item that could be prepping related?  Even if is just a book on gardening and preserving food, or some fishing lures, over time the items add up.

A lure here and there could eventually fill a tackle box.

A book every so often could create a well rounded prepping library.

Maybe next time the reader is thinking about picking up some survival related gear, pick up a couple of small items so the purchase covers a variety of topics?



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