New Year Prep Plan Checkup


New Year Prep Plan Checkup

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Ole Man 2018 has gone into retirement as the New 2019 Baby is now with us. Time again for a good, long look in the mirror, and also at your prepper plan. It could be your personal care could use some evaluation just as your survival plan needs an annual reassessment. Nothing remains static when it comes to prepper planning, so take a little time to do a full up and down checkup.

Things change all the time. Perhaps your life status has changed with a move, a new job, kids left home, or new ones arrived. The prepper plan you created several years ago may no longer be as viable as it once was. Every aspect of life needs a critical eye occasionally like personal health, income evaluation, prep status, gear and supply stores evaluation, and a hard look at your prepping mindset. A fresh look never hurt anything.

Review your old plan. Adjust its contents, or in some cases scrap it and start over. If your life situation is pretty much the same, then maybe your plan just needs a simple adjustment here and there to add new projects, funds dedicated to supplies, or other concerns. If things have changed dramatically, then a complete revamp may be in order.

Assess your own prep status in terms of goals and objectives. Are you still on track to be fully prepared for a Bug Out or is everything ready for a Bug In lockdown? Have you emptied your Bug Out Bags in a while to check again what is in there? Are items in need of replacement, updating or removable? A bag check will remind you again what all you have stored in those bags.

How are your stores of emergency water, food, and medical supplies? Inventory everything. Do you have enough fresh supplies to last an initial 72-hour SHTF? Should you consider stretching it to 120 hours or 5 full days? Not a bad idea.

Consider regular maintenance on everything you have. This includes the residence, your vehicles, gas powered equipment, mowers, chainsaws, generators and other tools. Go over your complete gear lists to remind yourself what you have and what you need to add this year.

Time to check over your security plans and preparation including an inspection of all your firearms, ammo supplies, optics, carry bags, support gear, and cleaning supplies. Is everything cleaned, maintained, loaded and ready? What extra training does everyone need?

With a new year upon us, it is the perfect time to reflect on accomplishments achieved and to list what needs to be done now. Constant evaluation, inspection, and assessment is a big part of the prepper process, too.

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