A Hard Built Road Warrior


A Hard Built Road Warrior

Do you need the ultimate in a hardened survival escape vehicle? Operating under the assumption that demand fulfills the need, US Specialty Vehicles (USSV) out of Rancho Cucamonga, California is manufacturing (or more specifically retrofitting) vehicles into a line of rugged road trucks for the ultimate survivalist. And that includes rebuffing urban disorder and other disasters.

One of their primary vehicle models is the Rhino GX. At first glance this truck has appearances of a combination of a militarized Hummer and a Cadillac Escalade. Its matte finish exterior metal and characteristics speaks to a hardened ride ready for rough treatment and tough situations.

The Rhino GX is a basic four-door truck version with heavy duty fender extensions, step up ramps, multiple grab handles, light kits, heavy bumper, and tow hook connections. The interior is decked out to suit the buyer with deluxe everything including leather and wood veneer trims. Seating can accommodate 5-7 passengers. The unit includes a premium entertainment system with an Alpine 24-Bit DAC and optical digital output sound system. There is a SmartNav 5 navigation system displayed in the rear view mirror.

The Rhino GX utilizes a Smart Key system that allows the vehicle to be accessed via a push button on the door handle. This system uses an engine start and stop button on the dash. This new technology increases vehicle and user safety.

Engine options include a 6.7 Liter, V8, diesel, or a 6.8 Liter, V10, gasoline engine. The transmission is fully automatic and the drive wheels are 4×4. Custom wheels include 38 inch Toyo Open Country M/T tires mounted on 20-inch one piece forged aluminum wheels with a distinctive black/silver finish.

Custom high intensity light bars are mounted on the front and on the roof sides for full exterior illumination. These are over-engineered units mounted on the vehicle with over-kill mounting screws around the light housing frames. I can only imagine what the Rhino looks like when fully lit up during the night.

Other features include dual alternators, sun roof, intercom system, 40-in television, heat control seats with foot rests with the luxury interior. Exterior color options include Stealth Tactical Desert Sand, black, or green. Multiple interior seating options are available. The fuel tank holds 40 gallons. For full details and specifications check out their web site at www.usspecialtyvehicles.com. The web site lists various dealers locations around the country.

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