How to Get Better at Hunting Shed Antlers


How to Get Better at Hunting Shed Antlers

It’s that time of year again, when whitetail bucks shed their antlers and hunters hit the woods to search for these “sheds.” Shed hunting is pretty cool, and is a great way to spend some more time in the woods. This video has some good tips to help you become a better shed hunter.

I didn’t know what to expect from the video, but it turned out to have some great advice. Here are the main points covered, but you’ll want to watch and listen to get more info.

  1. What time of year to hunt sheds
  2. What type of day/weather conditions are best for shed hunting
  3. Where to look for shed antlers
  4. Always keep binoculars with you
  5. Put your time in with boots on the ground
  6. Have fun and involve friends & family

While you’re out there, you can also be scouting for next deer season. Bonus!

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